About Us

What captures the heart – the essence – of an organization?  How do you define passion, purpose, or commitment?  Healing Wings is not about addiction… it’s about. For those who work here, this is more than a job – it’s a calling.  To help others find that elusive something more. Freedom. Faith. Healing. Wholeness…Life, actually.  Recovery is not simply a destination; it’s a journey… and one we are privileged to embark on with you.

Healing Wings South Africa comprises of both an adult and a youth centre that provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation for all ages, having established a solid reputation as one of the most successful treatment centres in the hemisphere.  Although the focus is primarily on the treatment of addiction, we know that recovery is not as simple as removal of the substance.  Addiction is ultimately a behaviour disorder, and therefore the behaviour needs to change.  As such, we also deal with eating disorders, dual diagnosis, self-harm, sexual addictions, behaviour disorders, and gambling addiction.  We believe that for healing to occur, it is necessary to address unresolved issues or trauma, as well as the underlying self-defeating thought patterns that perpetuate the addiction.  The practical application of cognitive behavioural therapy is crucial – the premise that by changing the way that we think, we can change the way that we act.  In addition, we incorporate a number of other treatment philosophies, including dialectical behaviour therapy, person-centred individual counselling, art therapy, equine-assisted activities, reality therapy, focused group sessions and didactic lectures. Throughout treatment, we facilitate the renowned Celebrate Recovery spiritual program as well as the AA/NA 12 Steps, to assist each person in discovering their true identity and in understanding and taking responsibility for their past.  Family therapy, external support and conjoint sessions are a core ingredient in ensuring that the whole family is given an opportunity to heal, and in establishing aftercare plans that are integral for reintegration.

Healing Wings provides a secure environment that is conducive to recovery, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery.  While we offer a holistic treatment approach that incorporates Christian principles, we acknowledge that healing needs to occur on all 3 levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually – and we endeavor to ensure that our program adequately addresses all of these facets.   In conjunction with leading healthcare professionals who consult with our multi-disciplinary team, we have full-time professional social workers, nurses and certified addiction therapists along with dedicated administration staff.  Our program is continually being adapted and improved, and there is a good balance between professional staff and those who have walked the long road of addiction.   A team working together, who share the same vision: to see people healed, restored and set free.

Healing Wings has continued to operate effectively in the Sudwala region of Mpumalanga since 2009, after a decade of success prior to that while based in Southern Mozambique.  The centre has flourished accordingly and is registered with the Department of Social Development, and is fully compliant with the Minimum Norms and Standards.  We have teamed up with the Department in providing assistance to those less fortunate, and in developing programs to help combat the rural scourge of drugs.  Our school at the Youth Centre, Purpose College, is registered with the Department of Education, and we are proud to announce a 100% Matric pass rate after 4 years as a fully operational correspondence school.  As a registered NPO, Healing Wings is active in the local community, and as part of our commitment to help, we endeavour to raise funds to assist in this respect.

Healing Wings is not about us actually.  It’s about YOU.