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Testimony: Rob Hall June 2015

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Testimony: Rob Hall June 2015

Dear Jeanine and Healing Wings,

It has been some time since I last wrote and checked in and I hope that you, Giles and all the wonderful staff at HW are well. I see from the Eagle that you are expecting your second child, what wonderful news and what an exceptional blessing – congratulations to you both.

A week ago was my sixth anniversary of sobriety – I can hardly believe it has been six years since I arrived in Mozambique and began the remarkable journey to God and healing, and just over five years since I left. As always, HW is never very far from my thoughts or prayers, and I continue to believe that my time spent there was the most special, amazing and blessed of my entire life. I often look at the website, read all the letters and pour over the pictures so as to momentarily move myself as close to you all as I possibly can. Everyday there are things that remind me of my time there, walking through London (where I now live) in winter and the smell of a wood fire drifting on the air instantly takes me back to early morning coffee around the fire, behind the church on the Moz farm, before official wake up time…such special memories that are forever imprinted on my soul. Listening to the wonderful, uplifting music of Hillsong whilst cooking in the kitchen in Nelspruit is a weekly memory as I attend Hillsong Church in London – an introduction I am eternally grateful for. There are so many things that I miss, but am deeply thankful that I was able to experience whilst in the care of HW.

Life post HW continues to progress and new heights in personal and professional development achieved. It has been almost two years since I immigrated to the UK and I am firmly settled into life here. It has been wonderful being able to travel to a large number of beautiful European cities that I had formally visited purely to party, where I can now truly appreciate the beauty within their architecture, their galleries and their churches and Cathedrals. It has been exciting searching for my first little home in London (finally in the process of purchasing), my own small piece of England and, it has been a stunning challenge developing a career – I am now account Director for a global company with offices in Europe, North America and Australasia.

Suffice to say, none of this would ever have been possible without HW, the various counsellors who helped shape my journey, and an ever faithful, truly loving God who waited so many patient years for me. I have stopped marvelling at the gift of my sobriety, and have instead begun to immerse in the blessing. Each year that passes makes me less complacent and more grateful, more filled with love for all at HW and for a Father that never leaves my side and delivers on every promise of life and joy and health.

As always I wish my best to all of your current residents, and a prayer that each one of them may appreciate the gift that they are being offered in time spent in your care. I sincerely hope that they appreciate the opportunity and implore them to not squander the chance they have – recovery is possible, life is within reach and I am a testament to this.

May I end with my now sixth heartfelt thanks to all of you for this remarkable life I continue to live.

Fondest Regards

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