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Youth Centre Go Carting June 2015

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Youth Centre Go Carting June 2015

On Monday, a group of people including myself were told that on Friday we would be going on an outing. Here at the Youth Centre these types of trips are called incentive trips, the people that go are people that have been pushing into the programme and doing their best. We were going to go Go-Carting, myself and 5 others where the chosen racers.

On that Friday, the sun was bright, no clouds to be seen. It seemed as if were destiny, choosing this perfect day. When we got to Riverside Mall, which racer goes into a race with an empty stomach? Not these ones, the dispute began on whether to feast at Debonairs, KFC or Steers.

We had finally filled our stomach’s, which meant that the racing was next.

Finally, we got to the racing track. Our leaders sorted out the costs, while the rest of us admired the beauty of the track. We were split into two groups, unfortunately I was put with two experienced racers, and the other group consisted of the power house himself Craig (HWSA Staff Member), the Kenyan cowboy, The Beast and The Drift King. My group consisted of me The Crash Dummy, The Portuguese Stallion and Justin Silent Ninja that looked like Jesus just a bit shorter and with skinny jeans. Those were the teams. Long story short, I wasn’t the best driver but if it was a crashing contest I would have been victorious.

Bafana Mampuru.

HWSA Youth Centre Resident.

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