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Youth Centre Boeresport!

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Youth Centre Boeresport!

Last week Friday, on the 10th of July we were all divided into four different teams each represented by their own name, colour and war cry. The four different teams being Thy Saint blues representing blue, RAW representing yellow, Flame United representing red and team Kryptonite representing green. Each team got given an egg that had to be named and decorated in which I personally had a lot of fun doing. We all had time to make a banner for our team and to come up with a war cry. Some of the war cries were very interesting to say the least.

Before we started with the events, each team had to present their war cries. The first event that they had planned for us was the tug of war. The yellow team took the win with ease and started the game off in first place. There was a lot of team spirit going on. People were chanting their team name, singing songs and encouraging each other whilst they did the events.

For the second event the teams had to line up and each person took a turn to run to the other side of the field and get an apple out of a bucket filled with water with their mouths and then run back. They then filled bowls with flour and with our wet faces we had to search for a Smartie in the bowl leaving our faces covered in flour. You could say that it left most of us looking rather odd. The green team won this putting them in second place.

The third event was the egg and spoon race which was won by the red team. After the event everyone started throwing the eggs at each other and smashed them over each other’s heads which was entertaining to watch. I luckily escaped the egg riot.

The fourth event was the three legged race in which two members of the team had to tie their right or left legs together and race to the other side against the opposing teams. The green team won this event putting them right at the top

The fifth event was the egg toss in which team members had to toss an egg to each other and with every toss take a step further away from each other. Eventually we got so far away from each other that the eggs were breaking in our hands as we caught them. The yellow team won this event.

The sixth event involved us putting a balloon in-between our legs and walking awkwardly to the other side of the field. Only 1 team managed to get the balloon there and back and that was the yellow team. The blue team got so far and would have won but unfortunately the balloon slipped.

The seventh event was the wheelbarrow race and it was won by the yellow team.

The eighth event involved getting your team across the field which was said to contain crocodiles with only a tire, two bricks and a wooden pole. The green team won this event with clever thinking.

The ninth event involved using a spray bottle to keep a balloon in the air and getting the balloon across the room and into the bucket. The yellow team won this event.

The tenth event involved blowing a ping pong ball from one cup of water to the next cup until you reach the last cup. The blue team won this event making it their first win.

The last event was to see who could juggle three water balloons but during the event we were told to start throwing the balloons at each other. I didn’t get hit but I can’t say the same for the other guy that tried to get me. J

With teamwork and all around spirit and determination the green team won the boere sport event.

Liam Lewis.

HWSA Youth Centre Resident

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