Adult Centre

Healing Wings South Africa is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in the forests of Sudwala, Mpumalanga, approximately 50 kilometres outside of Nelspruit.

Mission Statement: 

To restore within an individual, the capacity to make informed life decisions which are not dictated by circumstance, addiction or compulsion 

Aims and Objectives: 

  • To provide an environment conducive to assisting substance abusers who willingly commit and submit themselves to a holistic form of recovery.
  • To focus on developing and maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle through the provision, facilitation and upholding of effective treatment protocols.
  • To develop life skills, healthy coping mechanisms, self-esteem and routine, by involving participants in various groups designed to encourage and stimulate emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. 
  • To encourage and develop individual gifts, skills and talents while preparing participants to re-enter successfully into society and the open job market.
  • To help uplift the local community through the sharing of basic skills and primary healthcare, while supporting sustainable economic development in the region. 
  • To encourage the participation of parents/families/care givers in the recovery process through attendance at support groups to facilitate understanding of the treatment program and improve the process of reintegration into the family and society.