The Programme

The Healing Wings programme is based on a daily routine designed to encourage the residents to contribute to all facets of social interaction and normal behavioural patterns, with the aim of gaining self-confidence and respect.  Guidance is provided in a personal and caring environment in which the residents receive unconditional support in their recovery.   All counselling and therapies, whether in group meetings or one-on-one sessions, are primarily in English, although individuals can elect to be counselled in Afrikaans if necessary.   

Programme routine

  • Assigned duties
  • Morning devotionals and quiet time 
  • Daily schooling. 
  • Individual Counselling: Therapists & Social Workers 
  • Individual assistance with Step Work
  • Step Work Groups
  • Educational Lectures & Interactive Group Therapy 
  • Small Focus Groups: eating disorders, anger management, grief, depression, abuse. (Groups subject to change) 
  • Life Skills group discussions 
  • Drug Education 
  • Arts and Crafts Therapy  
  • Skills Development Programmes: Music Production or Guitar Skills Developement.
  • Nature Therapy
  • Sports Therapy – hiking, mountain biking, soccer, volleyball, baseball, swimming, jogging, aerobics activities etc.
  • Spiritual Counselling 

Assessment and Orientation

Each resident will undergo a background assessment with a social worker and a medical assessment with a professional nurse and will be introduced to the Healing Wings Program in a thorough orientation session, where the full process ahead will be explained and the resident will be introduced to his/her individual counsellor and social worker.  Assessments are conducted by a multi-disciplinary team and individual counsellors, with the focus being on assisting the resident in developing and achieving treatment goals.  Parents/caregivers will receive a written progress report at 1, 3 and 5 months (followed by quarterly reports) with telephonic updates at 2, 4 and 6 months. The mandatory Youth Centre program duration is 9 months. Although it is recommended that individuals complete any given academic year. Once a program duration of 8 months has been undertaken, individuals will be assessed by a multidisciplinary team to determined required level of care moving forward and provide appropriate recommendations.

Purpose College

We can proudly say that since the conception of our school, to date, our Grade 12 pass rate has remained 100%.  At Purpose College, our primary goal is to offer the highest level of education while managing a therapeutic programme.  For us, this has been about setting the standard as no other facility in the country offers the level of care that we do, combined with a fully registered school.

Family Programme

Healing Wings South Africa facilitates a family program for families/care givers of residents, involving feedback on damage letters, con-joint family sessions and attendance at external support groups. Families/Care givers are encouraged to participate and assist in the process of the recovery program.  The following resources are in place for families/caregivers to maintain involvement for the duration of the resident’s program and to assist in the successful reintegration of the resident back into the family structure and society.

Support Structures

The management team of Healing Wings recommends that all family members attend a support group. Experience teaches us that those family members who have a better understanding of the recovery process are better equipped to deal with and assist their loved ones in remaining sober and drug-free, and in successfully reintegrating into society. Attendance at support groups in mandatory as part of a relapse prevention plan, and it is advised that families begin attendance prior to the resident's departure. There are often separate groups for family support and the addict that run simultaneously.