Youth Centre Boeresport!

Last week Friday, on the 10th of July we were all divided into four different teams each represented by their own name, colour and war cry. The four different teams being Thy Saint blues representing blue, RAW representing yellow, Flame United representing red and team Kryptonite representing green. Each team […]



What really underlies addiction?

Addiction is an incomplete cycle! Hence individuals have the opportunity to make use of something to fight the emptiness they will be experiencing. As such, we see that there are different kinds of addictions besides smoking and drinking, which we are most familiar with. Human beings according to social psychologists […]

Youth Centre Go Carting June 2015

On Monday, a group of people including myself were told that on Friday we would be going on an outing. Here at the Youth Centre these types of trips are called incentive trips, the people that go are people that have been pushing into the programme and doing their best. […]



Testimony: Rob Hall June 2015

Dear Jeanine and Healing Wings, It has been some time since I last wrote and checked in and I hope that you, Giles and all the wonderful staff at HW are well. I see from the Eagle that you are expecting your second child, what wonderful news and what an […]